Sunday, September 19, 2010

Barbecue Party & Mid Autumn Festival

My twelve colleagues and I had a barbecue and potluck party in conjunction with the Mid Autumn Festival. One of them let us use her bungalow and we had the party in a big bungalow with an extra-large compound and a beautiful lawn.

Today's special: Chicken wings!

Grilling, grilling and grilling...

The chicken wings got burned by the flame

Not bad woh (burnt a little)! Ming Na is quite skillful, huh?

I made this fruit salad

Lian's curried squid

Wendy's favourite: Sweet Potatoes (Farn She!)

Lian's Fried Beehoon

WC's white fungus soup 
(to neutralise all the "heatiness" we might get from the grilled food)

Wishing all of you:
Happy Mid Autumn Festival
Choong Chow Jit Fai Lok
Chong Chiu Jie Kuai Le


  1. Eat more cucumbers and big onions too.. :) i love sweet potato.. good for constipation..hahaha..
    so choong chau jit is this wednesday, right? dont think i have any plans.. my 2 sons are away.. so maybe celebrate with my girl in Domino Pizza! hahaa..

  2. Claire:

    Finally Domino's has set its foot in Ipoh. Enjoy yourselves & Choong Chow Jit Fai Lok.

  3. MingNa great BBQ. For me, I'll bring my son go Taiping Lake Garden. Everyone is enjoying playing lanterns there with their own families and frens!

  4. Happy Lantern & Mooncake Festival To You & Ur Family



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