Friday, October 1, 2010

When Tequila Key Lime Pie meets Long Black

I love eating all types of pies, from sweet to savoury, from open to covered. Recently. I discovered a mouth-watering dessert in Penang, known as Tequila Key Lime Pie. This pie is made with a sweet and crunchy biscuit crust and filled with a creamy lime flavoured filling. The pie is finished with a thick layer of whipped double cream and sprinkled with tequila flavoured desiccated coconut. On my first visit to Bravo Italiano at i-Avenue, I missed this signature dessert. As it is a highly reputable dessert, I gave it a try on my second visit. It was truly a love at first bite feeling when the aromatic custard incorporates with the acidity of key lime to produce a chemical reaction with the slightly alcoholic toppings. The result is a very pleasant after taste when the mixture passes across the delicate tissues of the throat. 

I re-re-visited the restaurant two days ago. Without referring to the menu, I requested for a Tequila Key Lime Pie and a cup of Long Black made from Lavazza espresso base. 

Tequila Key Lime Pie @ RM8.90

Long Black @ RM5.50

When Tequila Key Lime Pie meets Long Black

A picturesque view of food

Bravo Italiano


  1. gosh.. u really know how to find all these sweeties.. i have been to penang countless times but cannot manage to get to these savoury shops.. now i know where to refer to.. at least i have tasted the John King tarts.. :)

  2. Claire:

    Thanks for the compliments! Glad to hear that you like egg tarts too.



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