Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gourmet Chicken Pie at Dave's Deli

Lately, I noticed a change in my eating habits. As I always believe in the quote that I should "eat breakfast like a King, eat lunch like a Queen and eat dinner like a Peasant", I have practised taking small meals for dinner for years. My love for pies is portrayed only in the morning for I know I can afford to tuck in more greasy stuff and still be able to digest it till the finest bits throughout the whole day. I'm not going to let insulin works its way in converting my glucose into glycogen. My liver simply has no rooms for that. For the past few weeks, I've been craving for starchy, meaty and greasy food with rich and creamy filling, like pies & tarts. One after another, they take their turns to go into my stomach (in fact, every part of my body) and begin their fat deposition journey anywhere they can reach. To make the matter worst, these inexplicable pies craving symptoms are so overpowering at night that I couldn't help dragging my feet to the cafes for it. Please tell me how to stop the cravings, as my indigestion problem is making its way back due to these sinful temptations.

I arrived at Dave's Deli at half past eight, in the EVENING!
My eyes were so hungry when I saw this ---
Gourmet Chicken Pie @ RM6.30
I tried to console myself that it's ok to eat this pie because the garnishing looked pretty healthy and could probably provide me with a 'balanced' (?) diet.
(Not according to the proportion as suggested in the food pyramid)
Well, when I cut it open, there was much relieve because I saw more veg than meat.
Just wanted to prove to myself than only lean meat was found in this pie. So, minus the fat, getting less feeling of guilt.
I didn't want to pour the rich Worcestershire gravy onto my pie but was forced to do so for picture-taking reason (Liar!)
The most lousy Nescafe drink @RM2.50
(Just wonder how they could prepare such a diluted coffee drink that hardly any taste nor smell of coffee could be detected)
Dave's Deli
Lower Ground Floor
Centre Court
Queensbay Mall

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