Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinner at Italiannies

I hope you are not bored with the type of food I eat. If you know Ming Na well, you should have noticed the frequent posting of Italian food. My Italy trip was an influential one which left me with the strong desire for savouring all range of Italian food. So if you are not a fan of Italian cuisine, you may find this post a little too dull as it is just another pasta and pizza game.

The menu
Balsamic Sauce and Vinegar
Complimentary Bread
Grape Shake
Margherita Pizza
Tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese
Clams Fra Diavolo
Sauteed in a spicy tomato broth
Shrimp Linguine
Sauteed shrimp served with marinara sauce

Chicken Risotto


Lasy finger cookies dipped in liqueur & espresso coffee with layers of creamy mascarpone icing and topped with dark chocolate powder
Being an established Italian restaurant in Malaysia, consistency is their key to success. So far, none of their food has ever disappointed me in my past visits. I am still very keen on going to Italiannies over and over again.

Italiannies Pasta Pizza and Vino
F355/356/357, 1st Floor Rainforest, 1 Utama
47800 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Petalong Jaya


  1. Hey, you really know how to enjoy Italian food.

  2. Nikonian:

    Looks like I should consider marrying an Italian, hahaha...

  3. Not bored as yet.. cos u always show those diefor desserts!! yummy!!
    btw, Petaling Jaya is mispelt?

  4. Claire:

    Thanks for spotting the error. Hehehe...



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