Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Afternoon Tea 5: Egg Tart & Caffe Vienna

When I was uploading the pictures, I asked myself if the others would say: "Oh, not again!" I know that it is rather sickening by seeing the same type of food over and over again but I couldn't resist the temptation. Every time when I brought the tarts to the dining table, I told myself that I must not take any more pictures on egg tarts because I have taken more than 600 shots on egg tarts over the years. I tried to convince myself that all the tarts look the same so it would be meaningless to snap pictures again. But my mind would betray me and keep pestering me: "Don't you think it looks lovely today? Go... go fetch the camera here, you mustn't miss this ..." While I found myself smiling after that, I made myself promise not to post it again. Throughout the day I had been looking at the camera and I found myself develop an inexplicable form of uneasiness. I knew I had to give in again.

If only you weren't that flaky...
If only you weren't that wobbly...

If only you both weren't the most perfect match...
I wouldn't be called 'The Egg Tart Maniac'!


  1. Never mind...I am also a tart lover! :)

  2. Claire:

    So when is our 'tart-y' date?



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