Monday, October 18, 2010

MingNa's Homemade Apple Pie

When Wendy tasted the Apple Crumble Pie at Coffee Bean, she complemented my baking skills by claiming that I bake better pies than the cafe's. Apple Pie is one of my most-baked item and I often come up with different variations of Apple Pies. E.g. Apple Puff, Apple Crumble Pies, Apple Tart, Apple Lattice Pie and Covered Apple Pie. This morning, I woke up a little earlier than usual to thaw the butter and prepare the pastry before going to work. After work, I took the pastry out of the refrigerator and started rolling it into 2 thin sheets for the base and lid of the pie respectively. After that, I blind baked the pastry casing until it was half way cooked. Then I cored and diced the apples before laying them into the pre-baked casing. The last step was to seal the pie with the pastry lid.
(Only after I had covered the pie and pushed it into the oven that I realised I had forgotten to add cinnamon powder into the fruits. An absent-minded person makes the lousiest baker!)

Below is the outcome
I liked the crust which was baked till golden brown.
I made use of the remaining pastry to decorate my pie.
I made sure that the apples were still in chunky form and remained moist when bitten into.
So how does it look?
Wendy preferred the crunchy pastry to the juicy filling.


  1. How does it look? It looks ravenous and all i can do is to Imagine like John Lennon... and now tell me, how does it taste? :)

  2. Claire:

    Thank you! Hmm... I prefer mine to Coffee Bean's, probably because of the reduced sweetness level in my homemade apple pie. Those in the cafes are always intolerably sweet.



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