Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Korean Stone Bowl Rice at Kim Gary

As I needed to hand in the final project paper yesterday, I made a trip to Penang after lunch. Mum and Wendy came along with me to do some shopping after I submited the project paper. We spent hours trying out the outfits and ended up being late for dinner which we had initially planned to have in Georgetown. We did not want to waste any more time going to Georgetown though we really wanted so much to eat at the The Little Cottage. Everyone had the same idea in mind which was to find a place to fill our tummy up and return home as early as we can. We did not have much choice in Queensbay. In order to satisfy the needs of everyone, we chose Kim Gary because of its wide varieties of food and reasonable pricing.

Our set dinner includes this honey lemon drink and......
...... the Borsch Soup
Korean Stone Bowl Rice @ RM17.50

Rice served with a huge slice of grilled unagi, Inoki mushroom, Korean kimchi, snow peas and poached egg.
The rice was pipping hot and the unagi slice goes along very well with the teriyaki sauce.
Shanghai styled Vermicelli with leek wontons @ RM7.50

Taiwan styled shaved ice flavoured with mango puree and mango slices @ RM4.50

Kim Gary Restaurant
1st floor
Queensbay Mall


  1. Kim Gary.. been there once only.. Mingna, did u try the Airport yet in De Garden? today i received flyer.. set lunch 11.90 .. international set lunch, sweden, norway, china, etc etc.. :)

  2. Claire:

    Thanks for informing me about this latest addition in De Garden. I will go there one of these days.



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