Monday, October 11, 2010

Meromable Coffee Break in Italy

I found several photos in one of the SD cards which the content was not uploaded into the computer. I thought those pictures inside the SD card was nothing important until I spotted this. There were more than 10 pictures on my most fascinating coffee break experience. In my previous Italy posts, I had written a bit on Autogrill Station, the largest cafe chain along the highway in Italy. I usually popped in for a cup of espresso while I was travelling from one region to another. I do as the Italians (not Romans) do by standing at the bar to chug my cuppa. The Italians practise this to avoid table charges but I picked this signature way to drink my coffee just to jump into the Italian culture.

This is another highway cafe - Fini Grill
It is a coffee bar cum convenience store selling all types of Italian confectionery.
In fact, I got most of my supplies of biscuits from these cafes.

The caffe bar

The Italians can be very polite to the tourists if you are willing to speak their language.
Please master a few survival words before you visit Italy - Ciao, Grazie, Prego, Mi Scusi etc.

I love their cup and saucer.

Oooh... concentrated & creamy cappuccino @ 1 euro

Heavenly ~

Those pastries (especially croissants) in Italy are cheap but simply too good to miss.
I often paired some fresh pastries with a cup of espresso at the highway cafe.

Chocolate Croissant @ 1 euro
Fini Grill can be found in certain rest areas along the highway in Italy.

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