Saturday, October 30, 2010

Visiting E & O again!

Uncle Ron and Aunty Lai came all the way from England to attend Kenny's wedding. They are really nice people and always try not to trouble us every time they return to Malaysia. Both of them love Penang so much that they are willing to rent a room at Parkroyal Hotel for 2 weeks during their stay in Malaysia. I am really impressed by the lifestyle of the Brits that they can spend the whole day enjoying sunbath at the beach. Paying RM380 per night just to enjoy the beach plus sunlight sounds so impractical to me as we Chinese are all calculative people who will never pay to sit and relax in the hotel. After my oral defence session, I drove to meet them in Batu Ferringhi. I promised to give them a luxurious treat at one of the most prestigious hotels in Penang, the Eastern & Oriental Hotel. I recommended the English Afternoon Tea because that is the only place in Penang serving authentic British style high tea. In return, they also promised to take me to The Ritz in London for the same treat when I visit them again in London. I just wondered why I never thought of enjoying English Afternoon Tea during my previous stay in London. Well, I swear I shall never leave before going to the Ritz in my next visit.

Being a small eater, I ordered only 3 sets of English Afternoon Tea. Uncle Ron and Aunty Lai had one set each while Mum and I shared one set.
Tea for 4
The entire English Afternoon Tea costs RM45 ++ per person
Raisin Scones and Plain Scones
Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Cucumber & Dill Sandwich and Beef & Dill Sandwich
Cheesecakes, Carrot Cakes, Custard Puffs, Strawberry Cookies and Dark Chocolate Cakes
Since I don't eat beef, I asked for a substitute of cheese
Uncle Ron and Aunty Lai did not comment much on the food but Mum said that they were not as good as those days.

For more information, kindly refer to my previous visit

The 1885
Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Lebuh Farquhar


  1. i've always love their english tea!!

  2. Duckie:

    Let's have an 'English Afternoon Tea' date at the 1885 one day.



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