Monday, October 4, 2010

October Afternoon Tea 1: Durian Swiss Roll and Espresso

The administration meeting was adjourned at around 2.10 p.m. Since we were not in the mood to go home so early, Wendy and I decided to go for an early afternoon tea. When we arrived at La Promise, we were so disappointed to find that it was closed. We wanted to go somewhere else but just couldn't think of another more proper and fitting place for a light snack. The weather out there was so unbearable, so we eventually came to the conclusion to call it off. When I returned home, an awkward feeling started to develop. It must be the afternoon tea bugs that were attacking my nerves. Dashed to the kitchen and looked into the refrigerator. Yeah! I found some Durian Swiss Roll from JJ's cake shop. I quickly unsealed my newly bought ground espresso and brewed a nice cup of cuppa using the French Press. Isn't it easy to prepare a mouth-watering afternoon tea set?

Durian Swiss Roll  and  Espresso

Prepare to indulge...

Wendy, please feel free to drop by for a cup of espresso. After drinking this super concentrated coffee, you can consider getting rid of all the 3-in-1 sachets.


  1. I always enjoy reading blog. U really love espresso dun you? Next time if i'm abroad or can get any special kind of espresso brand, i buy one for u k...

  2. Angeline:

    Thank you so much. Perhaps we can meet up at Starbucks one day.

  3. hi Mingna, i love JJ cakes too.. I dint know they existed until some blogger came up to Ipoh and took me there.. :)

  4. Claire:

    My dad is never a cake person. He eats no cakes except for JJ swiss roll which he doesn't mind eating everyday.

  5. MingNa: Really? great..just tell me when u r at Taiping ya...a lil catch up wif u, must be fun! BTW, i dun drink coffee...but i still can go starbucks having hot chocolate!

  6. Angeline:

    It's a deal. Where do you live?



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