Sunday, August 1, 2010

Egg Tarts from Choy Kee (Bercham branch)

An Ipoh food blogger posted something extralicious a couple of days ago, featuring my favourite (THE MOST!) food - Egg Tarts, from Choy Kee in Kampung Simee. I must stress once again that this unpretentious stall sells the tastiest egg tarts in the whole country. Even the famous TK egg tarts in KL is not as good as this one. After reading the post, I developed a sudden crave for egg tarts and I decided to write about egg tarts again (over and over again...). However, I do not want to be a copy cat so I am going to write about their branch in Bercham. (I  live in Bercham mah!) Egg tart is my daily staple (hmm... not  exactly daily, just twice a week on the weekends). I make egg tarts as my breakfast on both Saturdays and Sundays. I normally consume two at one go and wash them down with a cup of authentic Ipoh White Coffee. Ooo... they taste heavenly, like a perfect match, made in heaven. 

Oven-fresh EGGY tarts! (Daan Tart)

Barbecued Pork / Chicken Baked Buns (Siew Pau)

Barbecued Pork Pies (Char Siew Soh)

Salted Egg Yolk Pies (Ham Dan Soh)

Chicken Pies (Kai soh)

Nam Yue Pau (A type of fermented beancurd)

An ensemble of pastries

My breakfast

Look at the wobbly custard... you can never get such perfect tarts elsewhere 

Simple yet tantalising treats - eggy egg tart pairs with Ipoh white coffee brewed in a Moka pot 


  1. Mingna! where is this choy kee in bercham.. gosh, i didnt know about this shop, i tot they supplied to the market only... next time i can go to bercham straight to buy.. market one always sold out..

  2. Claire:

    Go straight along the Bercham main road till you come to the Bercham market building on your right. Take a right turn into the road before the market and go along till the end of the road. Choy Kee is located diagonally across the road.

  3. Hehe, great right?
    I myself have not been to this Bercham branch, and it's very near to me too.
    Let's yumcha there someday, okay?

  4. J2Kfm:

    I started eating Choy Kee's egg tarts years before they set up this branch in Bercham. Those days, the ex-wife of the present owner used to sell the tarts in pushcarts at the old Bercham market. She would ride a motorcycle all the way from Kg. Simee to bring loads of tarts to Bercham. Being a faithful wife, she started the business with her ex-husband in Bercham and continued pushing the pastries to the old market for sale. Now, the shop is a huge success and the business is brisk but she was not given the chance to share the success with her beloved as her husband divorced her as a result of the affair he had with a China doll. If you go to that shop, you will be able to see the Mandarin-speaking lady who seized the fruit from the former lady boss.

  5. J2Kfm

    you u talking about the owner'son or the old man...

    i know the son from sec school days

  6. Anonymous:

    It's the second son whom I was talking about.

  7. 原来故事是这样,难怪换了老板娘,以前的那位亲切多了。

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