Friday, September 25, 2009

English Afternoon Tea at Winter Warmers

After spending several hours from shops to shops, I'd decided to call it a day. After all, I really couldn't remember how many times my card had been swiped in just a day. It's close to 2:30 and my stomach started growling. It had been more than 8 hours since I had my very light breakfast at home. I walked myself to the Boulevard of Gurney Plaza and found this eatery. It has a rather artistic name - The Winter Warmers. I walked into the eatery and was pretty amazed with the its decor. It resembles some typical British family restaurant. Oh... how much I miss London....
I got myself a seat next to the window and started flipping the pages. Without second thought, I ordered the English Afternoon Tea Set for One. RM15.90 is a reasonable price. The set comes with a iece of Blueberry cake, A freshly-baked scone, a small portion of club sandwich, 2 pieces of cookies and slices of cut fruits. The combination is a comfortable one as it is served with a cup of tea-of-your-choice. I prefer to have my pastries with a cup of coffee instead of tea so I replaced it with a cup of Latte. Of all the pastries, the scone tasted the best. It's crispy on the outside while the inside was soft and fluffy. Too bad clotted cream is not provided in the set so I could only spread some strawberry jam and butter onto my scone.
The food is only average but the ambience has complemented it. Eating in such a cosy restaurant is indeed a precious experience.
Winter Warmers
Gurney Walk (The Boulevard)
Gurney Plaza

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