Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunch at Canton-i

This is my third visit to Canton-i in Queensbay Mall. I had my previous visit to other outlets in the Klang Valley but no pictures were taken then. I went in a group of five and we ordered quite a lot of food comprising appetiser, noodles, snacks, desserts and drinks. One of my friends who patronised this eatery on a regular basis made some recommendations on their signature dishes that worth enjoying.

Roast Pork and BBQ Meat Noodles - I was speechless when I sunk my teeth into the 3 layered roast meat. It was so juicy and succulent.

Thousand-layered Cake
Tastewise: It isn't really intesting as the combination of pastry and filling tastes rather weird.
Japanese Pork Rib Noodles - The pork rib is so tender and juicy. Every bite is a satisfaction.

Hong Kong Style Dumpling (Sui Kow) Noodles. They are very generous on the fillings and this makes the dumpling really plump and value for money.

Egg Custard Yam Buns - With one look, one may have mistaken them as ordinary yam buns. Nothing can be revealed until you bite or tear (not recommended) the bun in halves. The filling may burst if you add pressure onto the buns. Be careful when you sink your teeth into these buns as the custard filling will ooze out from the bun and your mouth uncontrollably.

Prawn Wonton Noodles - Canton-i's signature dish with springy noodles and plump wonton. You should try the soup version if you want to get the real taste of Hong Kong style wonton Noodles as the soup is made of dried 'tai tei yue' (a kind of dried flattened fish). The soup is fragrant with a hint of natural sweetness when it runs down your throat.

Steamed milk - This is something exotic as it is not a common dessert in our local menu. The milk is not actually steamed. Instead, it is boiled to a temperaure of 80 degrees celcius and rushed into some ginger juice that acts as coagulant which later curdles up the milk. It is a rather complicated dessert as much accuracy is required if one wishes to make this at home.

Cantonese Crullers rolled in Chee Cheong Fun or better known as 'Char Leung' in Hong Kong.
Dip this into a bowl fo sauce that comes with the dish. The soy sauce is a must-have as it will infuse into the crullers and bring out the taste of the food.

Abalone Char Siew Puff - Don't waste you time looking for abalone as what we did. We later found out that it is the shape of the pastry that gives it its name.

My Favourite Hong Kong Egg Tarts - They claim that the recipe is from Hong Kong. Many bloggers have given their compliments to these tarts and some swear that the tarts are the best in Malaysia. I beg to differ for I've had the best previously (actually all the while). Nothing can beat Ipoh's egg tarts. Just pop into either the Kampung Simee's or Bercham's Choy Kee Pastry Shop and you can simply tell the difference between the egg tarts served here and those in Ipoh.

Honolulu's Coffee - A cuppa to end our meal.
The coffee is a special blend made for Honolulu Cafe in Hong Kong.
Kim Gary serves this coffee too and it gives a better taste compared to Canton-i.

Some bloggers claim that the food in Canton-i is a bit pricey. I don't deny that as the average RM20 is charged per pax for a normal consumption of meal. However, it is still an ideal place to eat if you want to taste some authentic Hong Kong style food. I'll surely be back to try on other items in the menu.
Ground Floor (next to KFC Restaurant)
Queesbay Mall

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