Friday, September 18, 2009

Betong Tai See Hee Restaurant

This is one of the few restaurants in Betong which serves authentic Thai food. The owner of the shop is a Tahi Chinese who speaks fluent Hokkien and Mandarin. Thus, there is no language barrier when you patronize the restaurant.

Since there were only 3 of us, we did not want to order too many dishes and end up being overstuffed. Being selective enough, dad and I ordered their signature dishes - the Seafood Tom Yum, Steamed Betong Chicken, and Kerabu Chicken Feet and Belacan Water Cress.

An obligatory dish to savour when you go to this place as this is so perfectly done. Their feet are deboned and blanched till they turn pure white in colour. It's so good that we ended up ordering another plate after we finished the first plate within minutes.

Belacan water cress is another wonderful dish served in this eatery.

A not-to-be-missed dish - the Seafood Tom Yum. We only ordered a small serving of this soup yet could fish out more than 6 medium-sized prawns from the bowl of soup! Tastewise: The soup is spicy enough to make one constantly ask for more. Besides, it's not the watery type that we use to find in our local Thai restaurants.

This dish is a must-have too as the chicken served here is no ordinary type of chicken. Betong chicken may sound funny to you but it is actually another breed of chicken which is only available in Betong. This type of chicken has shorter feet and thicker skin. Unlike our local chicken, their skin is crunchy, the meat is so tender yet remains chewy when bitten into.

Tai See Hee,
Betong, Thailand.
(Near the Betong roundabout and Betong Tunnel)


  1. Kerabu Chicken Feet - I don't think that I can resist ordering this dish! :)

  2. my goodness, so ravishing! i have never been to betong yet.. i wonder when i have the chance to go..



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