Thursday, September 24, 2009

East Ocean Restaurant (revisit)

My family and I went to this restaurant again to try their signature dishes. The first dish was Braised Abalone with fish maw and scallop. The abalone was braised to perfection and the meat was so tender.

We ordered the "Four Treasure" platter but it was really disappointing. First, the dish was not presentable. Second, the colour of the four varieties is almost monotonous. Third, three quarter of the platter were deep-fried items. Daddy said he would not consider this dish again in our next visit.

We choose to have our crab served with braised glutinous rice and the combination really works. When the crab is placed on top of the braised glutinuous rice and steamed together, the essence from the crab's meat sips into the rice. The flavour of the crab has incorporated into the rice and every spoonful of the rice is a very satisfying experience. The crab meat is so succulent and juicy. We are pretty sure that the two crabs are fresh. We will surely come back for this.

Take a closer look... it looks so appetising.

We also ordered the mini Jumping Buddha as Mummy missed the dish so much. The soup is mild yet flavourful. You can choose to have it served in an individual portion or in a big bowl. This time, we have chosen the latter and we enjoyed ourselves so much by taking turns to fish out the ingredients from the bowl.

East Ocean Restaurant,
Ipoh Garden South

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