Monday, September 7, 2009

Bercham Choy Kee's Egg Tarts!

The Kampung Simee Egg Tarts stall which I mentioned in my previous blog has a branch in Bercham. This outlet is run by another brother of the family. They sell equally good egg tarts but I find the quality to be slightly inconsistent as one can often see hiring notices in front of the shop which indicates a constant shifting of staff.
Their signature pastry never fails to keep you drooling. The pastry is flaky and delicate while the egg custard is wobbly smooth. You 'll never stop at just one.
They look delicious even in the box.

The pastry is so thin that it leaves you with rooms to wonder how it is shaped into the mould.
Take a closer look to see the smooth surface of custard that resembles a mirror.

Egg Tarts and Coffee - the ultimate companion and it is the best combination ever.

Another well done pastry - Chicken Pie or better known as 'kai soh' in Cantonese.

Bercham Choy Kee's Pastry Shop
37, Persiaran Bercham Timur,
Taman Bercham Baru,
31150 Ipoh.

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