Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes, I am a liar...

I went out for tea with my 'daughter' this afternoon. Yin claimed that I kept paying every time we had meals together so we decided we're going dutch this time. However, after placing her order...

"Teacher, AA (Algebraic Average a.k.a. pay our own respective portions of the bill) ah?"
"Hah? Sorry, I don't remember a thing."
"Can I have a look at the receipt please?"
"Wait till I get my tax exemption."
"Teacher, you're a liar!"
"Yes, I am!"

Dear Yin, I will let you pay once you start earning your own money, okay?

Éclair @ RM3.80

Ozzie Sausage Roll @ RM5.50

Double espresso @ RM6.50

Caramel Machiato @ RM12.00

Starbucks Coffee
Taiping Sentral
Jalan Istana Larut


  1. {Where is the free coffee ?}

    On this earth , only 2 people will call me 'Yin' , You and Yue . I treasure this so much !

    When I look at this page , I know , we have different angle in photography . Although we have different styles but Im still believe that it will not affect our "感情" .

    Teacher , you're still the best , no.1 teacher in my heart !

    Thanks again ! Millin , billion , trillioon ... THANKS !


  2. Million***
    Trillion ***

  3. i hvn't been there. will try one day.



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