Monday, April 11, 2011

HK/Macau 2011 - Pushcart noodles and mango desserts

Economy rice stall is available in abundance in Malaysia and we generally survive on economy rice for years until someone gets fed up of it and is willing to settle for some home-cooked food, which usually guarantee better taste and better health in return. In Hong Kong, no one has ever heard of economy rice but they do have something similar called the 'che chai min', loosely translated as the pushcart noodles.

Kek Chi Hou noodle stall in Mongkok

Fried noodles with superior soy sauce

Che Chai Min with loads of side dishes

Steamed rice with pork slices

Fried noodles with mantis prawns

Blanched Chinese broccoli

For dessert, we walked along the Ladies' Market street to Hui Lau Shan, a well known dessert shop, for some nice mango sweeties.

Mango Hor Fun (Mango kuey teow)

Mango pearls

Mango and mixed fruit platter


  1. All the above suits me lar! gosh.. i am yearning for the desserts... the round thing.. is that ice cream?

  2. Claire:

    Yes... that's mango ice cream, made from the puree.

  3. I think i would die for friend noodle wit mantis,,,,the dessert mmmmmmm, not so keen lah..

    economy rice here in Penang is no longer economical already.



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