Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Steamy breakfast @ Old Town

Breakfast is just plain good for you. Breakfast can have a positive impact on nutrient intake, foodgroup consumption,and may contribute to cognitive and academic performance,weight control, and overall health. Hence, there's absolutely no reason why you should let go a good and nutritious habit of enjoying your breakfast.

Dim Sum?

No... it's some steamy hot Hainanese bread slathered with eggy kaya and aromatic butter @ RM3.50

Two soft and fluffy bread which guarantees hours of satisfaction to last you till late afternoon

Peanut butter toast @ RM1.50


  1. Old town kopitiam? they come with the "small baskets" now like dim sum? i went to Yoke Fook Moon this morning..not nice already! cold...

  2. Claire:

    I agree... Dim sums in Ipoh are not comparable to what our parents had in the past decades. Everything has become so commercialised now and therefore losing their identity as a symbolic food of Ipoh.



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