Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HK/Macau 2011 - Getting to The Peak

We rounded off our Hong Kong tour at The Peak, by riding the Peak Tram from the Lower Terminus located just a stone's throw from the MTR in Central. As taking the tram remains the quickest and most scenic way to arrive at The Peak, we were so enthusiastic and hardly upset by the long waiting queue. To date, The Peak Tram is arguably the most enduring emblem of Hong Kong history.

The Peak Tram

Madame Tussauds Museum at The Peak

Michelle Yeoh

Jackie Chan

Madame Tussauds

Princess Diana

Pablo Picasso

Pam haunting a portrait in the Madame Tussauds museum!!!

Tiger Woods and his mentor

BLUE HOUSE (72-74A Stone Nullah Lane)
– built early 20th century, the original site of Hua Tuo Temple and Hospital. Surplus blue paint from the government was used during renovation in 1920’s, hence the name “Blue House”

GREEN HOUSE (1-11 Mallory Street & 4-22 Burrows Street)
– early 20th century cluster of buildings with narrow reinforced concrete balcony. French windows, cast iron pillar and iron balustrade reflect Western influence

Mak Ngan Wonton Noodles Specialist @ The Peak

Wonton Noodles

Shrimp wonton

Blanched Chinese Broccoli

(a kind of spherical pancake or ball waffle popular in Hong Kong. It is also referred to as an egg puff or by its Cantonese name gai daan jai, made from egg, sugar, flour and evaporated milk)


  1. hey, i like the one with tiger woods.. my son did almost the same action.. u didnt shake hands with the former US president ah?

  2. I posed with all the celebrities and prominent figures like world leaders. I found it rather boring to pose with wax-made statues.

  3. The Eggette look so special! Gonna try one in future.

  4. アンゼエリン :

    Yeah, better than ours.


    Try for the sake of its uniqueness as it's only available in Hong Kong.



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