Thursday, April 28, 2011

Irish Lamb Stew @ Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe's award-winning Irish lamb stew is cooked simply and slowly, with seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs, resulting in fall-off-the-bone meat which is outrageously delicious. Served with baked mashed potatoes and big warm soft bun, the tender lamb shank guarantees an all time satisfaction till the last bite. The lamb shank is so juicy and tender, making it almost effortless to cut into the flesh and savour the goodness of it.

Complimentary snacks!!! Surprise! Surprise!

Mushroom soup @ RM5.50

Soft bun to be eaten with the gravy and mashed potato

The award-winning Irish Lamb Stew @ RM26.50

The lamb shank served in the Taiping outlet was relatively small compared to others

Espresso @ RM5.50

Butterscotch cake @ RM6.30
Secret Recipe
Lot 9, 1st floor,
Tesco Taiping
Jalan Istana Larut
34000 Taiping, Perak.
Tel: 05-8077767
Fax: 05-8075767


  1. Surprise surprise....finally meet up with you! Hey u ate all these by yourself? Next time ajak us together we have a great lunch ok...This time no KIDS!

  2. Angeline:

    Not a chance! Eating all those calories is strictly a no-no... I shared the feast with my colleague. Going out for lunch? Why not? Just call me whenever the craving comes up... :)

  3. that your lunch? since u complimented this lamb shank, i wanna try it..

  4. Claire:

    If you a fan of tender lamb meat, this is something you shouldn't miss :)

  5. Can I used your butterscotch cake picture for my blog?

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