Monday, April 4, 2011

HK/Macau 2011 - Australia Dairy Co., Jordan

Recognising its reputation as Hong Kong's most well-liked eating place, Australia Dairy Co. always ensures the consistency of the quality of their food and the summer lightning speed service that keeps the hungry souls rushing in at any time of the day. Despite the huge lines of eager diners, as well as travellers, waiting to lay a finger on the tasty treats, the locals remain faithful to Australia Dairy and willingly they join the queue whether it rains or shines.

Australia Dairy Co. in Jordan, Kowloon.

Packed with diners throughout the day

Bowls of steamed eggs and steamed milk making their way to your table

Fresh milk is one of the hot-selling beverages

Smooth and mouth-watering steamed eggs

Breakfast set includes:
1. soup macaroni with shredded ham

2. Scrambled eggs on toast

The juicy scrambled eggs just melt in your mouth like ice cream

Australian Dairy breakfast set

3. Coffee

3. Milk tea
Australia Dairy Co.
Jordan, Kowloon,
Hong Kong.


  1. Milk tea.. lai char.. the familiar words in HK series! I would love to try the steamed egg.. it looks so smooth.. nice??

  2. Claire:

    It's silky smooth and tasted really 'eggy'... haha



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