Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mango Yogurt Muffin & Gingko Barley Beancurd Dessert

It's Sunday morning, time to chill out and relax. Waking up to some hilarious jokes and wonderful breakfast is the greatest blessing in my life.

Two Muffins

There are 2 muffins in an oven.

They're both sitting, just chilling and getting baked.

And one of them yells "God Damn, it's hot in here!"

And the other muffin replies "Holy Crap, a talking muffin!"

Mango Yogurt Muffins

I believe my kitchen to be a muffin paradise, and there certainly are a lot of muffins here.

My muffin stripping itself for me... OMG~~~

Gingko nuts, barley and beancurd (fu chuk) dessert

Not a perfect match made in heaven but both complement each other beautifully


  1. I saw some fragments of eggs too in the barley? gosh, the muffins stripping.. i can imagine!

  2. Silver:

    Wait till you're back...


    Gingko Barley Tong Sui must have eggs mah... Typical Cantonese just love to add eggs into anything they cook...

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