Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brek-O-day @ CBTL

Cafe Story 1: Bark, teacher, bark!

One fine morning, Ms Pam entered a Form Four class after the weekly assembly. Before the forever-dragging sound of greetings was heard, she approached the front door to hear the faint sound of "dogs" barking in the classroom. Dogs??? Did anyone bring a dog to school? Followed by some repeated short and spasmodic laughter, the poor teacher's question fell on deaf ears. Not long after she turned around, another series of long barking sound was heard again. She stripped off her 'motherly' look and stared hard at the giggling 'monkeys' as they caught sight of her annoyed face. Ms Pam immediately spotted a girl with an unusual mischievous look who then burst into laughter, swelling with pride at her victory over the teacher. She, the barking "dog" who was neither too innocent nor ignorant, beamed from ear to ear after poking fun at the always-too-kind teacher. You reap what you sow... girl. The next minute, she was found standing outside the classroom with tears welling up in her eyes. Ms Pam turned to the white board and started scribbling.

Teacher : Students! What is the outside of tree called?

Student A : Trunk?

Teacher : No, please try again.

Student A : Ahh... Epidermis!

Teacher : A good try but that's not the answer. Try again.

Student A : I know the answer, it's SKIN!

Teacher : Bark, son, bark!

Student A : Woof... woof...

The students, as well as the one standing outside, laughed with all their might.


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