Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hanging out at Starbucks now...

Home alone today! Dad and Mum have gone to a wedding dinner, and there is hardly any edible stuff in the refrigerator. Ahhhhh!!! Not going to cook tonight, I looked into my wallet and found a coupon. Guess what? It's from Starbucks. With the coupon, I can redeem any drinks of any sizes for FREE! Hehe, I just love FREE stuff...

Arrived at Starbucks and saw something appealing
New Item - "Honey Orange Frappuccino Blended Coffee"

Yes! I'm going take this!

Now, this is FREE! What about food? Somehow, it's dinner time so I must order some food. Not nice to order just a cup of drink and spend the following 3 hours at the cafe. Moreover, it's FREE! What will the others think about me? STINGY lah! Alright... "Tarts and Pies" is not in the mood for hotstuff today, so forget about those pies. Let's pamper my tummy with something sinful.
Spotted this tempting devil - NOIR

Hello, my name is NOIR. I am made of a combination of chocolate cookies and chocolate cream, coated with a layer of sinfully rich ganache. I contain lots and lots of CALORIES! Take me, if you dare to...

The new item is not really that nice after all. Only a very mild scent of orange can be tasted...

I like the cake but found the ganache to be rather sticky.

Look at me and you are possessed...

Starbucks Coffee
Taiping Sentral


  1. yo...sinful too!! hahahaa.. lots of calories? then i got to skip lunch first before i savor that...

  2. i know it's kinda late to comment but i miss starbuck's honey orange frappuccino! :D i udes to order the cream based. yum! and that cake looks delicious too.

    take care



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