Friday, January 29, 2010

Artery-clogging breakfast

After eating in the canteen for almost 2 years, I found myself in a state of boredom, or frustration as the canteen operator never bothers to change their menu or the style of cooking. Curry and laksa noodles are always in the list yet these food are not the type of food that one can consume daily. Hence, I stopped going to the canteen starting from the beginning of this week and practised making (or bringing) my own breakfast to work. Below are my breakfast for the past 4 days.

MONDAY: Egg Tart + Chicken Pie + Ipoh White Coffee

Tuesday: Coffee Swissroll + Cempedak Swissroll + Espresso

Wednesday: Chicken Curry Pie + 'Nescafe' Coffee

Thursday: Homemade Egg Tart + Homemade Chicken Pie + Espresso

The above breakfast food were great but contained far too much calories. Eating them left me with much feeling of guilt.  Perhaps I should go to the canteen again next week.

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