Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another peculiar combination from "Tarts and Pies"

When an unassuming bowl of homemade wonton noodle is prepared by using whatever is available in the refrigerator, the must-ask question on the tip of everyone's tongue is inevitably: Is it any good?

The answer is: YES.

My version of wonton noodle is part of the strange mix of those "neglected" ingredients  in the fridge. This includes deep-fried dried shrimps, blanched lettuce, braised mushroom and poached egg. It's all quite confusing, and strange to find this mix of noodle in any eatery, but "Tarts and Pies" wonton noodle is one of the standouts.

The result of the strange mix?
Another yummy bowl of noodles! Hooray!


  1. Mingna, where r u staying? can i come over for supper??? as long as i dont have to cook, i m IN..

  2. Claire:
    Welcome to Pakatan Jaya!

  3. So what else is left in your fridge? I am coming with Claire.

  4. oh i love to do that at home too!!!



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