Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't compare, just tuck in.

I was addicted to Polo buns after eating a few in HK. When I returned to Malaysia, I just can't stop thinking of Polo bun particularly the very good ones served in the local coffee shops in HK. I found myself constantly craving for more Polo buns. Formerly, polo bun was in my must-order list everytime I went to Old Town Kopitiam but this item no longer fascinates me now. When I compare our local Polo bun to HK's, I finally realise that the local version fails to satisfy me anymore. Perhaps having tried the best food is not something to be proud of as other similar food will now be branded as 'not-so-good'. Below is a good example of something which was once thought to be 'nice' but no so now...

Polo Bun from Old Town Kopitiam

Old Town White Coffee ('Gao' - extra strong)

I used to like this polo bun so much. I liked its texture, taste and crispiness. The HK's Polo Bun made me realise what a real polo bun should taste like. Pillowy, fluffy and soft texture plus an extra-crispy and crumbly topping... And when the slab of cold butter melts together with the bun in your mouth, the heavenly flavour will fill the whole cavity of your mouth... Cest la vie... Trust me, Old Town Kopitiam can never give you such satisfaction but disappointment.

Conclusion: This is Malaysia, not Hong Kong! No matter how authentic some shops claim their Polo buns to be, they simply can't give me the heavenly taste like those I had in HK.
So, don't compare, just tuck in... Malaysian...


  1. i like polo buns too .. but still, none nice here at all!!!

  2. Usually undecided what to take at Old Town with my cup of coffee. Now I can try this polo bun, hope I like it too.



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