Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Italy - Day 5: Milan

Milan (Milano) is one of the world's fashion capitals, and home to both Leonardo's Last Supper and the world's premier opera house, La Scala. Above all, Milan is the centre of business in Italy, and it is here and in Provincial Lombardy that the demand for federalism - ambodies by the right-wing Northern League - is strongest. The prosperous Milanese are courteous but reserved towards visitors.

BikeMi, a bike rental service in Milan.
Milan faces a serious problem of automative congestion in the downtown areas. Many people in Milan use a bicycle to solve the problem. The bike sharing service offers citizens and tourists low-cost access to bicycles within the city to ease traffic congestion.

The pinnacles and carved rosettes of the Duomo are seen from far.

The English novelist D.H. Lawrence called the Duomo "an imitation hedgehog of a cathedral", because of its pointy intricate exterior. This gargantuan Gothic cathedral (the third-largest church in Europe after St. Peter's in Rome and Seville's cathedral) was begun in 1386 but not finished until 1813. Decorating the exterior are 135 pinnacles and over 3,400 marble statues from all periods.

Facade of the Duomo

Inside the church is simple, majestic and vast. Five great aisles stretch from the entrance to the altar. Enormous stone pillars dominate the nave, which is big enough to accommodate some 40,00 worshippers. In the apse, three large and intricate stained-glass windows attributed to Nicolas de Bonaventura shed a soft half-light over the area behind the altar.

A gruesome statue of Leornado da Vinci, together with his four apprentices, stands at the centre of Piazza del Duomo.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Italy's oldest and most elegant shopping mall. Its four-storey arcade is full of boutiques, bookshops, bars and restaurants.
Mother and daughter, and the architectural bit.

Famous mosaic bull of Turin - people spin their heels in the hole for luck

I am a happy shopper in Milan! Yeah! LV!

Sitting down to watch the world go by at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, a perfect people-watching spot.

Bar del Corso's signature coffee - Affogato @ EURO 10

Always end your meal with a cup of authentic Italian pick-me-up - Tiramisu.


  1. Looks like u really enjoyed yourself there, MingNa.. so... can show me what you bought? hehehe...eh, u are very young...

  2. Claire:

    Not so la
    Already "sam Cheong"
    Will post my bag later

  3. I have already that kind of information. Thank you!
    Ming green marble Mosaic



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