Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coffee Break at Austin Chase, Queensbay

Austin Chase is the latest addition to the franchised coffee joints in Malaysia. Born in Seattle, the starbucks' hometown, their coffee is not as appealing as the former. Walked past the outlet twice and found that it was often unoccupied. I was attracted by the sandwich menu when I was looking for food in Queensbay.

a cosy place to spend the afternon

Selection of bread, cakes and pastries

I ordered the Turkey Ham Sandwich which came with a complimentary iced coffee

Turkey Ham Sandwich

The overall taste of the food here gave an explanation to me on the lack of occupancy in the cafe. Though the pricing is relatively low, I'd rather pay more at other coffee joint for my cuppa of better quality.


  1. So.. meaning to say, it will not last long.. wasted huh.. starbucks and coffeebean are doing so well... love their cakes in coffeebean..

  2. Claire:

    Have you tried the apple crumble pie in Coffee Bean before?



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