Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sex Pasta & Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia

I brought back some interesting food from Italy. I showed it to all my colleagues but almost half the population had a hard time figuring out what shape the food was. You may be interested to know what I'm going to show you. Make a simple guess before you look at the answer.

Sex Pasta?
Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia (Squid-ink spaghetti)

Take a look...

Dog bone?

Take a closer look.

Squid-ink pasta

Risotto (Italian rice)

Not a dog bone but......

Squid-ink pasta

Sugo all' arrabbiata sauce (I used three towels to wrap around this bottle before checking in my luggage)

When they are finally 'cooked' (appeared to be larger, hoh?)

The best pasta must go with the best pasta sauce

Let's tuck in...


  1. hey..u bought those "penis" pastas...hahahhaa.. my son got them too.. but u know what? he thought there were shapes of dog bones until he showed us and his brother laughed out loud..

  2. Claire:

    Haha.... Have you tasted it?
    A colleague of mine who thought that it was dog bone chucked the whole thing into her mouth before I could stop her.

  3. There you got a lot of varieties.

  4. Um. Do how does the naughty pasta taste? Haha...

  5. Cariso:

    Yes, I even saw shapes of vehicles and cartoon characters.

    Actually it tastes quite similar to the ordinary pasta.



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