Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ristorante Bella Italia at Bellisa Row

Ristorante Bella Italia is the second Italian restaurant I patronized since my return from Italy. The Italy trip has made me constantly crave for more Italian food. The first restaurant which I went to at SS2 was a disappointing encounter so my mission of continue searching for the best and most authentic Italian fare in Malaysia is mandatory.

Ristorante Bella Italia at Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus.

Charming interior

Trancic di Salmone @ RM39.00
(Salmon steak served with aubergine and mashed potato)

Risotto Can Pollo Funghi @ RM27.50
(Italian Rice with ham and mushroom)

Tiramisu @ RM13.80
(non-alcoholic version)

The overall taste of the food served here was above average and far better than Buonasera. The risotto was however being overcooked thus giving it a rather soft texture. As for the Tiramisu, I always prefer an alcoholic version which gives it a more subtle taste. I tried requesting for it to be made with alcohol but they insisted that the restaurant is halal. To solve the problem, I ordered a small cup of grappa (a very strong Italian liqour containing 40% - 60% of alcohol) and poured the content into my Tiramisu. Wow! That's the taste I'm looking for!

P.S.     I was so annoyed with my carelessness for not bringing an extra battery for my SLR. I was therefore forced to use my DC which can hardly tolerate a dark environment. The pictures did not turn out nice no matter how hard I edited them. 


  1. SLR or not.. the food still turns out yummyliciooouss.. i love the tiramisu! i can skip the rice.. taiping rice is better.. lol..

  2. Claire:

    You must have enjoyed yourself very much when you were in Taiping. Glad to hear that you like the town.

  3. This was where I celebrated my first Xmas eve back in Penang. In those days, eating here was a pricey feast.

  4. J2Kfm:

    Saw your post on Pizzeria Michelangelo, Ipoh. Which restaurant serves more authentic Italian fare?

  5. Wow the food looks amazing, that Tiramisu is unbelievable. I can almost taste it. I wish the Bella Italia London restaurants had Tiramisu like that. Then again, it's probably better that they don't. It would be dangerous for my health.



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