Friday, July 2, 2010

My 12-hour journey back to Malaysia

My journey back to Malaysia was definitely a pleasant one as Mum and I were lucky enough to be given a window seat and an aisle seat, with extra leg room. What are the perks of a window seat? I get to enjoy the view below, clouds, sunsets and is more insulated from people passing by in the aisle. As for the aisle seat, it enables me to get out of my seat easier to head to the bathroom whenever I like. I came up with an idea of switching position after some time but Mum replied with a stern look :"You have nothing else better to do ah?"

Taken while heading towards it

The main reason I like a window seat

The first meal was served an hour after boarding the plane
Funghi Penne Set

Nasi Briyani Set

Snack pack was given in between meals. I was impressed with the generosity of the airline.

Breakfast was served two hours before arrival
Nasi Lemak Set

Omelette and Sausage Set

This is my last post on Italy. I had a hard time selecting the best shots out of the 1,825 pictures which I had taken in Italy. I hope this will not disappoint those who have been longing to visit Italy for I have given my very best in making the pictures look even presentable.


  1. I wash showing this post to my son.. food on plane cannot attract me.. but he said he can eat 2 sets of servings!! lol... all i take is the buns and the desserts only.. the main meal, i really cannot :P

  2. Claire:

    So am I. The pasta they serve is usually soggy and weird-tasting.



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