Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Artery-clogging breakfast 2

I normally start my day with a bowl of noodles in the canteen but lately my appetite changed tremendously. I've lost interest in noodles since 2 weeks ago and this indicates the end my relationship with the canteen operator who never fails in making the most "Gao" coffee to boost up my spirit in the morning. I started bringing my own food to work and brewing my own coffee in the office. In order not to lose touch with "Gao" coffee, I even brought a French Press (coffee plunger) to work. My colleagues' drawers are all packed with stationeries but mine are similar to a mini pantry. My sufficiently stocked drawer surprises everyone with ground coffee, creamer, brown sugar, crackers, biscuits, cookies etc. I suppose my boss would develop a heart attack if he were to see all these. Tired of nibbling flaky and dry biscuits, I secretly brought in some pies and swiss roll from the bakery. To my astonishment, I enjoy this type of breakfast better than the typical carbo staple like noodles and rice. I guess I would continue having this type of breakfast for the entire month. Just wondering how long the passion would last?

Mushroom Chicken Pie and Ground Robusta Bean.

Black Pepper Chicken Pie (Bakers' Cottage), Chempedak Swiss Roll (JJ Cake Shop)
and Espresso (Starbucks)


  1. wah.. fattening or not if i eat these.. i always go for noodles in the morning.. quite fed up already..before reaching the place, i know how it tastes like.. where is baker's cottage in Ipoh?



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