Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coffee Time at Coffee Bean

Suzanne had been craving for the All-Day Breakfast in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf since the last time she had it. We reached Queensbay at 4 p.m. so Suzanne decided to have an early dinner at Coffee bean so she ordered the Salmon and Egg Sandwich set which came with a cup of refillable coffee of the day. As for me, there was  insufficient room for a complete meal so I settled for a simple afternoon tea which consisted of a raisin scone and a cup of Sumatra Roast. 

 The scone was reheated lightly in the oven as scones are best served warm with jam and clotted cream.
 My scone set came with strawberry jam and butter. I spread extra butter on the scone despite its strong buttery taste. The scone had such a crumbly texture that it broke into pieces easily with just a small bite.
 A picture-perfect setting for afternoon tea

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Queensbay Mall

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