Sunday, February 7, 2010

John King has come to Penang!

Went to USM in the afternoon to attend a briefing on my research project but was frustrated by the coordinator who didn't prepare well before his presentation. He took merely 30 minutes to finish the briefing and there was hardly any input the researchers could get from him. I wanted so much to release my anger so I went straight to Queensbay Mall after the talk. I went into the other parking bay which requires drivers to make multiple loops to reach the 4th floor. I managed to park my car in the 5th floor. I got off my car and walked to the entrance. Guess what I saw? Queens Food Market! You might ask: What's so special about Queens Food Market? Well, nothing special about this newly opened food court but there is one stall which surprises me a lot with its presence in Queensbay Mall. Its name is JOHN KING! Yeah! It's John King Egg Tarts Shop. I'm an egg tart maniac so I used to take the trouble to go all the way to One Utama or Pavillion to buy egg tarts from the John King outlets from these shopping complexes. I was always wondering when John King would finally come to Ipoh. Since I go to Penang very frequently, its appearance in Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza is such a great New Year gift to me. I was being so excited the moment I saw the stall. I dashed straight to the counter and knocked into somebody by accident. Hehe... Got over-excited.

 A batch of piping hot egg tarts coming out fresh from the oven
Busy packing customers' order. 
I bought 2 boxes of cookie base egg tarts  
Left: Original Tart, Durian Tart and Coffee Tart
Right: Durian tart, Coffee Tarts & Curry Chicken Pie
Take a closer look
John King
Level 4, Queens Food Mall
Queensbay Mall


  1. Nice tarts.... hApPy Chinese New Year

  2. I bought a voucher that came in 6 choices but upon arrival we were greet by two irresponsible staff who not just don’t help us but treat us very rude and shouting at us in an unpleasant way. I’m very disappointed for the service provided by the staff. My purpose for this letter is this is the second times I visit this gurney outlet, last two weeks the irresponsible staff told me they have no stock when I flash my voucher to them and they told us came by next week. But the main problem is I’m at far far away from Kedah to Penang just to use the voucher. It makes me waste a lot of time, energy, car petrol, parking fees, etc. And who shall I claim my losses with.
    012-957 0333 This number was stated at the voucher, and as a usual customer we will call the number to ask for a solution, but what they feedback was ask us to take the two choices of the cheap tarts instead of the 6 choice as promised in the voucher, that means they deliver not as promised.
    This is the first time I bought the voucher that is not promise as stated. I’m really disappointed for it.



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