Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chicken Basil Pie from Hardrock Bakery cum Cafe in Bali

Just came back from Bali this morning. The whole family spent our Chinese New Year in Bali and we kinda like this way of celebrating our festival in another country. While I am still struggling in sorting out my photos, let me show you a small corner in Hardrock Hotel, Bali.

We arrived in Bali at midnight as our flight had been delayed twice (a common scenario of AirAsia). Therefore, we decided to take something light before going to bed. We saw some warm comfort food from the bakery in the hotel so we popped in to grab a few of them.

Apple Pie (Rp15,000 @ RM5.58)

Cherry Crumble Pie (Rp15,000 @ RM 5.58)

Peach Tart (Rp15,000 @ RM5.58)

Chicken Basil Pie (Rp20,000 @ RM7.44)

My choice of pie was the Chicken Basil Pie. It was love at first sight the moment I saw it and the word 'basil' sounds so irresistible to me.

The flavourful pie was so lovely and filled with a generous amount of chicken encased in a crisp pastry which was neither too oily nor soggy. The strong presence of basil made every bite a truly enjoyable experience.

Hardrock Bakery cum Cafe Deli
Hardrock Hotel


  1. hi wonder didnt hear from u these days.. so u went to bali.. and savored these delicious pies.. :) the prices were quite reasonable.. not too expensive eventhough from Hard Rock...

  2. Claire:
    Yeah! Their pies are cheap yet big on taste...



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