Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bali - Day 2 (Part 4) - Jimbaran Sunset Seafood Dinner

We went to Jimbaran Bay for seafood dinner. Over there, you get to tantalize you taste buds with a night out at Bali's famous Jimbaran Beach. Seafood restaurants are seen lining the beach with tables & chairs placed on the sand at the oceans edge. The sea breeze is cool and the view of the sunset is amazing. We dined under the stars on an abundance of seafood and was entertained by Balinese live band music. 

Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant.
 Grilled Ikan Banoeng (a type of local fish)

Grilled Crabs

Grilled squid

Deep-fried squid

Chicken Satay

Our food came with a rather steep price - Rp718,000 @ RM267


  1. RM267 was cheap...last time we went...4 person eating rm400+ kakaka

  2. Bali is the best place to have your vacation and bonding with your friends and relatives especially if you visit the place and feel the bali accommodation there.



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