Friday, February 5, 2010

Kindly refill my cup with only the best coffee

Arrived in Johor Bahru at late evening. I looked so worn out after travelling for more than 12 hours though I did make a few pit stops at the rest areas. After all, it was not easy to drive from the northern tip of the Peninsula to the southern end of it. I was practically exhausted and found it so hard to drag my feet into the hotel room. I knew I wouldn't be having the appetite for dinner after being physically and mentally tormented by the long journey. Hence, I headed to the coffee house hoping to grab some light meals back to the hotel room. Upon arriving at the coffee house, I was greeted by a very inviting aroma of coffee from the cafe. Immediately I could tell that there was some really good coffee in the coffee house. I could feel the rush of adrenalin in my body so I made a beeline to the coffee house.I enquired about the aromatic coffee and the waiter recommended their brew of the day. I simply ordered one pastry from the glassy shelf - Devil Curry Puff to pair with my cuppa.


When the coffee arrived at my table, my nervous system was stimulated by the aroma and I couldn't help showing a very satisfied countenance right in front of the waiter. Took a hard sip of the coffee and was puzzled for at least 5 seconds. That coffee was thousand times better than any beverages available on earth. I rushed the coffee down my throat and ordered another cup of the same coffee. I didn't even look at the price of the coffee cause it's something which deserves a second helping irrespective of what the price is. When I summoned the waiter to my table to make a second order, he gave me a rather weird look. He then asked if I wanted a refill. WHAT?! Refill? Was he trying to tell me that I can have endless servings by just paying for only ONE cup of coffee? From the confused look of mine, he assured me that the brew of the day actually comes with free refill. Guess what? I ended up drinking 3 cups of coffee. 
As for the pie (or puff?), it tasted just okay as I do not fancy pies that are wrapped in filo pastry.

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  1. Chris au will be fascinated by this coffee, esp in JB, i m sure he will go there and try it out!



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