Thursday, November 4, 2010

A gift of the heart

Today is a meaningful day. A meaningful message, delivering a meaningful thought. My most beloved 'daughter' sent me a message while I was struggling with the typing of leaving certs and testimonials. She kept her promise to an ordinary teacher, who is forever dying for egg tarts, by baking her her favourite dessert - egg tarts! Speaking as a teacher, I'm so touched by her thoughtfulness. Looking so timid and adorable, she passed a box of unusually tall egg tarts to me. With one look, I could feel the love in it, so sweet and warm. I could feel it, from my deep heart's core. First I feel. Then I fall.

Thank you so much, Hui Yin, for being so thoughtful.


  1. In FB , after we click on 'like' , the sentence will be changed to 'you like this post' . XD

  2. Silver:

    New generation... I'm a bit out di.



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