Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Papa eating at Pappa Rich

When I told Dad that we were going to have our lunch at De Garden, his immediate response was "Expensive, not worth eating there!" I could not be bothered by what he said and drove straight into the compound of De Garden. We got off the car and I started hunting around for new eateries. I had not much choice since Dad eats nothing other than Chinese food. Strawberry Moments? Out! Oh Japanese Sushi? Out! Boston is not a good one while Wong Kok is just the same as Kim Gary. Naturally, the only place left was Pappa Rich.

Soya Bean + Red Bean + Chendol Drink @ RM6.50
Specially for Dad.
Red Bean + Chendol Drink @ RM6.50
Mum and I shared this.
Steamed Fish Cake @ RM5.90
I couldn't believe that this lousy fish cake is their signature item.
Dried Chicken Curry Noodles @ RM9.90
Mum commented that she preferred the soup version to this.
Nasi Lemak Special @ RM8.90
Dad was satisfied with his order simply because there was a huge portion of rice.
Pappa Rich
Grd Flr 11-13A
De Garden

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