Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Brekky 2: Chinese Crullers @ I Love Yoo

Due to the influence of Hong Kong TV series, we tend to imitate their style of living and eating habits. Eating congee as breakfast is not something unusual though we do not like to have it plain. Malaysians like to load their bowl of porridge with lots of ingredients such as meatballs, pork offal, fish etc. As for Chinese cruller, we never deny its status as one of the ingredients even though we often brand it as somehting 'extra'. However, have you ever paired soya milk with Chinese crullers? The Taiwanese do, and they even make this weird combination as their daily staple. How about you?

A wide array of oil-fried stuff

Set A: Scallop porridge with Chinese Cruller @ RM3.90 nett
Set B: Soya Milk with Chinese Cruller @ RM3.90 nett

The porridge tasted quite okay as only a trace amount of dried scallop was found in it.

The very ordinary Soya Milk was neither too sweet nor it tasted artificial.

Don't expect the Chinese crullers to be crunchy like the one you use to get in the night market.

I Love Yoo
Queen's Market (4th floor)
Queensbay Mall


  1. hey mingna, the ipoh one has a branch, that one opened by my friend's son.. hope they can survive the biz...

  2. Claire:

    I haven't tried that outlet yet. Plan to try one day when I find no where else to eat.

  3. Once I had tasted the HK version of soy milk + you tiao, I was absolutely SOLD!

    But then again, I Love Yoo!'s varieties not that enticing lah. Double the price and I found that the usual hawker stalls serve better versions of the ham chim peng, ma keok, etc.

  4. J2Kfm:

    I won't go there too often, just want to give it a try. You're right, eating at the hawker stalls is more value-for-money.



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