Monday, February 13, 2012

The Americano Affair

Have yet to recover from the previous stressful week of 6-day work, my tired mind told me that it's time to compensate myself with a cup of coffee for my hard work. 

Americano (RM7.00) & Kapitan Chicken Pie (RM7.50)
Taiping Sentral
Jalan Istana Larut
34000 Taiping, Perak.


  1. Americano and Long black, which one do u prefer?

  2. The Long Black is known as Americano, both with a slight difference from each other.
    Americano is prepared by adding hot water to espresso while long balck is prepared by adding espresso to water.
    Adding water to an already extracted espresso annihilates the crema. However, when an espresso shot is pulled over hot water, the crema is preserved. Thus, the long blakc retains the crema and is less voluminous.
    By preparing it the opposite way, the long black has a slightly stronger taste than the Americano which is milder as a result the destroy of the crema.

    Back to the question: Which one do I prefer? Well, local coffee place does not have the right skill to produce a good cup of Long Black while many baristas, be it trained or not, manage to come up with a decent cup of Americano. Thus, I usually go for Americano as I’d rather drink a cup of coffee to a cup of ruined concoction. When I was in Italy, almost every barista can produce a wonderful cup of long black. Too bad, we can’t enjoy this in Malaysia.



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