Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Baking!

Since Chinese New Year, he has been telling me how much weight he has put on over the weeks as a result of forcing him to finish all the New Year cookies and he asked me not to bring cakes and pies to his house until he gives me the green light. Why do men always think that they are guinea pigs? We did not feed them for the sake of getting feedback on our products but to see the contentment of eating in their face! Alright, since I am the one to blame, he is not going to get cakes from me anymore, not any bit of it!

I got up pretty early this morning. I rolled out the dough and shaped them into petite sizes. Stuffed the little buns with the mixture of salted egg yolk, butter and milk, I created my very first batch of Lau Sa Pau (流沙包) for breakfast. From one recipe, I managed to make 22 little buns. I did not steam all of them as these buns must be eaten hot from the steamer or the filling will harden when the buns are cold. I ate two this morning and brought the remaining two to school for my best friend. True enough, when she tore the buns apart, the custard was no longer in liquid form. 

Guess what I will do with those buns in the fridge when I go home later? Hmm... 6 pieces will be reserved for Dad and Mum while I will eat 2 more for afternoon tea and 6 will go to Aunty Khoo. As for the remaining 4 buns, I have no idea of WHOM they should go to... may end up in the rubbish bin, who knows?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yippee! The custard is flowing out...


  1. Don't waste the 4... *wink, wink*
    one more thing.. i m a willing "guinea pig.." :)

  2. Claire:

    Thank goodness! There are so many people out there who are so generous with good words and compliments. Friends, peers, colleagues etc. know how to appreciate me and my gifts. Million thanks!

    P.S. The 4 buns went into somebody's stomach just now. He promised a big feast tonight... *grin

  3. Hi, could you post your recipe for the bun? it looks really good!



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