Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Thick Omelette Sandwich

What happens when you can't find a cafe or bakery that makes good sandwiches, or at least, suit your palate? Would you just give up eating sandwiches, or compromise on one which hardly interests you? Regardless of which type you belong to, I can assure you that it is not the end yet as there is always a third option - to make your own personalised sandwiches. The condition is, your product must be better than the bakery's. Otherwise, forget about it and continue eating for the sake of filling your tummy.

Pam's super thick omelette sandwich

Imitated from the one I had in Macau
(Nam Ping Nga Chui)

This one has the same filling but the bread is toasted to give a crispier texture.

I like both. What about you?

Please rate my breakfast.
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Thank you ...


  1. I tried the combination before . The bread functioned like sponge , it sucked every drop of 'liquid' from the omelette ... Ended up forcing myself swallowed them together with cup of instant white coffee .

  2. Silver:

    o.O ...... 工夫未到家



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