Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bangkok 2012: McDonald's Egg and Ham Pie

Can't recall when exactly was the first time I ate at McDonald's in Thailand. Well, it does not matter when as long as I know I became hooked on their food since then. The menu in Thailand is more extensive and the menu changes quite often to give rise to more surprises to their diners. Whenever I go to Thailand, my top priority is always on the Samurai pork burger. As you know, pork burger is not available in Malaysia nor Singapore so I strongly advise you not to miss the chance of trying this become it is simply so so so gooood... Their pies are also worth trying because of the variety of filling ranging from savoury to sweet flavours. 

Samurai Pork Burger @ THB59

Ham and Egg Pie @ THB29

As you can see, the pastry is not too oily compared to the the apple pie in Malaysia outlets.

Scrambled eggs, ham and corn filling are encased in the crispy pastry but not as full as what I expected to get.

Big C Store
97/11 Ratchadamri Road
Bangkok 10330

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