Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bangkok 2012: Suk11 Hostel, a perfect getaway.

Renowned for low prices and friendly Thai services, Suk11 Hostel operates as a hostel set in a row of shophouses. The hostel is renovated to resemble traditional Thai houses with a rich and rustic decor. The zinc roof, dark corridor and decaying wood may not be quite in line with what you'd expect of hostel accommodation but offers a one in a lifetime opportunity to experience the other side of the city. 

Suk11 is a home away from home. It provides budget-conscious travellers with premium location (Sukhumvit area), exceptional services (24 hours security) and highly affordable prices (THB500 per room, inclusive of breakfast). Various room types are offered, ranging from single room to a dormitory for 5 persons.

Suk11 Hostel, Bangkok.

The entrance

Wood is Suk11's way of life

Abide by the rules or you will be asked to leave.

The breakfast place

The breakfast place

 The breakfast buffet spread - simple yet comforting

This is Suk 11's way of kick-starting the day with healthy selection of food.
Ham Puff, Tuna and Chicken Bun, tropical fruits, Thai dessert and coffee.

1/33, Sukhumvit 11, 
Sukhumvit Road, 
Bangkok 10110
Tel: (66) 02253-5927, 02253-5928
Fax: (66) 02253-5929
Email: suk11@truemail.co.th
Website: www.suk.com

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