Monday, April 23, 2012

My New Toy - Hario Coffee Syphon TCA-3

I bought another new toy a month after buying the pump-driven semi-automatic espresso machine. This Japanese made Hario Syphon brews the most awesome smooth and aromatic coffee.

Hario Coffee Syphon TCA-3 @ RM350.00

Lower Bowl

Upper Bowl

Alcohol Burner, Windbreak and Burner Cover.


Spoon Handle and Measuring Spoon

Attach the filter to the upper glass bowl stem. 

Pour almost boiling water into the lower bowl, up to the desired level on the measuring scale (120 ml water per cup) and then, light the alcohol burner.

Add a level spoonful per cup (about 10g or 0.35oz) of ground coffee into the upper bowl.

Position the upper bowl by pressing lightly, without forcing: The air expanded by the heat causes the water to rise in the upper bowl.

When the water from the lower bowl rises to the upper bowl, with the spoon handle to mix lightly. And heat for 40 to 60 seconds. Since the lower bowl will then be almost empty, take extreme care NOT to overheat. 

Move the stand away from the burner and extinguish the flame by placing lid on the burner. Wait for coffee to drip naturally into the lower bowl. Do NOT move the burner without extinguishing the flame.

Remove the upper bowl by gently rocking back and forth, and place it on the stand.

You now have a perfect pot of coffee to be served straight to the cup.

 The perfect syphon brew is best served with a slice of peanut butter layered cake and butter egg tart.

TRUNG NGUYEN Legendee Ca Phe Rang Xay


  1. This coffee maker reminds me of those laboratory equipment! :) Really a true coffee lover, you are!

    1. Yes, you're right. In fact I can modify those apparatus in the lab into a syphon but I am not skilful enough in making glassware. I always end up breaking the glass while bending them over the flame.

  2. Hi there,

    Kok Yuen here. Just want to know where can I get those beans (Vietnam)?


  3. I'm in Ho Chi Minh, where can I get a Hairo?

  4. Situated at the fringe of short distance to city, Sant Ritz at Potong Pasir (Singapore) in District 13.

    the interlace condo

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