Monday, April 30, 2012

Thai Crepe in Taiping

Lately, students in school have gone crazy over Thai crepes sold by a Thai national who just started her business in Taiping not long ago. They have been telling me how tasty the crepes are and apparently they eat it every day. The stall is located along the five foot way in front of Wan Li restaurant. According to them, this snack is available in two different types - sweet and savoury - and each type comes with a variety of combinations. A RM2.30 sweet crepe contains two fillings which range from assorted jam to butter based spread. As for the RM3.00 savoury crepe, it comprises more interesting fillings namely cheese sausage, pork ham, crab filament stick, cheddar cheese etc. After choosing your filling, you can request for mustard sauce to be added together with the other normal dressing. The finished product is so rich and the crepe is crispy with a touch of sweetness. 

Sweet Thai Crepe @ RM2.30
Savoury Thai Crepe @ RM3.00

A thin layer of batter is spread evenly on the griddle 

When the pancake is three quarter cooked, arrange the ingredients / filling on one side of the pancake.

Sprinkle with shredded cabbage and drizzle with some mayonnaise sauce

Here comes the thousand island sauce, Worcestershire sauce and yellow mustard.

Fold one side of the pancake over and continue folding side ways into a cone.

The finished product

Insert the crepe into the paper crepe holder

Tilt over to peep at the filling and smile at the generous filling wrapped in the crispy crepe

No 48, Jalan Kota,
34000 Taiping,
Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-808 6092
Business hours : 6pm -10pm.


  1. Hey Pam, this crepe looks good... A must try product when I go next time.. it will be somewhere in July .. :)

    1. Make sure you call me out this time hah...

  2. I know about this Taiping crepes for sometime...but never had a time to get one to try! That lots of filling inside the crepe with only RM3.



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