Saturday, April 21, 2012

Breakfast @ Kim Gary, AEON Station 18

I was quite disappointed with the newly opened AEON Station 18. Since AEON Station 18 is the largest, latest and 'hippest' shopping mall in Ipoh, I'd expect a better shopping environment with more international brands commonly found in KL or Penang. However, the more I anticipated, the more disappointment I got. 

Kim Gary has been my all time favourite whenever I visit KL because of its wide varieties of food and great taste. The quality of food in most outlets is quite consistent so I had faith in the newest outlet at Station 18. However, the Ipoh outlet is probably the only exception. The ingredients were not fresh, the service was slow and the staff were totally incompetent. Since AEON Station 18 is 40 minutes drive from Bercham, I will not consider a revisit. It's not worth driving a long distance to shop at another lousy mall.

Kim Gary Restaurant @ AEON Station 18

French Toast @ RM5.20

Two slices of deeply fried bread sandwiched with peanut butter, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with a dollop of butter.

Shanghainese noodles with pork chop @ RM8.90

Shanghainese noodles with chives-filled wonton @ RM8.90

Taiwanese style shaved mango ice @ RM5.80

Honolulu Coffee @ RM3.80

First floor, Restaurant Street,
AEON Station 18,
Ipoh, Perak.


  1. I have been to Kim Gary once only, but cannot remember which branch in KL.. this one here in Ipoh, I havent been to yet.. the noodles look very "unappetizing" though.. Try the Nando.. i heard the chicken is nice.. but dont order the burger though.. :)

    1. That's the problem when popular franchised stores open their shops in Ipoh, they are usually not as good as other outlets. Is there anything wrong with the people whom they hired?



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